Monday, March 19, 2007


The Attorney General and the Final Solution

When our current attorney general first appeared on the scene, he had a walk. The slow balls the judiciary committee tossed at him were so far outside the strike zone it was a joke. Many of us shuddered at the way Gonzales was put on base. And he’s turned out to be just as bad as that religious fool that preceded him.

Worse, because he’s the one who engineered the dismantling of habeas corpus, finished polishing the Patriot Act into the framework for a police state, and who still is in office. We get daily noise about “investigations” and “hearings,” but all they amount to, so far is white noise. Relax, folks, everything’s moving right along. It’s all under control.

Yeah, but who’s control?

Nothing seems to have changed. Hell, nothing’s changed since Reagan. The country is being run by a group of ideologues and opportunists that hasn’t had a new idea sine the Congress of Vienna.

Gonzales is the man employed to implement the final solution.

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