Saturday, March 17, 2007


Where I've been, what I've done...

The world hasn't blown itself up, yet, but it appears to be as trigger-happy as ever. Two weeks since my last post. I know where I've been, so I know I'm not "losing time."

We went up to visit friends in Anacortes, WA., for a week, and, since we've been back we've had some stuff to deal with. Beth's Uncle Fred passed last Monday. S., Beth's neice has moved in with us, coming over from Portland. S. is 19. Those three things amount to plenty of changes.

And I just don't feel as dedicated to my raps and rants as I did. The only way for me to maintain what sanity I have is to not get utterly involved in the political morass out there. Yeah, I'm still a political junkie, but I'm trying to taper off...Trying to taper off of politcis and current events may be like trying to taper off tobacco or heroin, but at least I keep trying to step back and have some sort of distance. All that crap is going to outlive me, anyhow. Bush's legacy will continue through the next couple of decades: the ravaging he's done to our homeland is going to take a long time to repair. The Middle East...well, that's been ravaged forever, so it may just go on the way the it's been; but, I believe the do-gooders will try to fix it all up. Christ, they can't even fix up Harlem—or Congress.

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