Thursday, April 19, 2007


Escalation = 33% Rise in U.S. Casualties

According to today’s (19 April) New Dissector, here’s some of Mr Bush’s overlooked news. Our casualties since the escalation are up 33%.

Bush is a delusional liar. He deserves to be impeached. He needs to be impeached. So does Cheney. Then they need to be placed in the courts for judgement.

In Iraq
American Troop Fatalities are Up 33 Percent. Since the escalation was announced on January 10, 2007, American troop fatalities have risen by 33% averaging 3 per day as opposed to 2.25 per day during 2006. [Iraq Coalition Casualty Count]

Overall Iraqi Casualties Rose 10% Between February and March. Although civilian casualties are down in Baghdad, according to a recent military report, from February to March the number of dead and wounded nationwide, including civilians and members of Iraqi and American security forces, rose 10 percent. [NY Times, 4/11/07]

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