Friday, April 27, 2007


Smallpox-Infected blankets?

The story of blankets infected with smallpox being given to Indians is hotly contested.

I don't know why, since just about everything else was tried. Miners in New Mexico hid a cannon, invited local Indians to a feast, and then fired the cannon into the group of Indians. Poisoned food was given out in other cases. Groups of white men, soldiers and volunteers, would sneak up on Indian camps and open fire... While soldiers often behaved in ghastly ways, at times they ended up protecting Indians from murderous white gangs.

Here's a link to a letter written by Jeff Amherst about using infected blankets... It's maybe circumstantial, but some circumstantial evidence is very persuasive—like when you find a trout swimming in your milk...

You know, even without the smallpox blankets, just take it away, the U.S. is still guilty of genocide against us Indians. We have intent (Jefferson, but there are many others), and we have all five conditions of genocide in article 2 of the UN Convention violated against us (each stands alone as an act of genocide). Like the Hunter S. Thompson quote...everybody knows. There are many ways it is accepted, there are many ways it is justified, there a many ways it's continued today, and there are many of us who continue to fight it in many different ways.

Like Elvis Costello said, "What's so wrong about peace, Love, and understanding."
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