Tuesday, April 17, 2007


thought for the day....

"Except for Native Americans, everyone else is an immigrant." Vickie Whitewolf

I respectfully take issue with this thought. I refer to myself at times as a "nearly native Oregnian" as i immigrated here from another not to be named state. Though my ancestors all come from Europe, i was born in the States, and thus consider myself to be a native American.

Just because today's Apache, Chippewa and Cree are descended from from some of the first immigrants (maybe. see: http://www.si.edu/encyclopedia_si/nmnh/origin.htm), this doesn't make them any more or less "native" than other "americans."
Semantically, you're right, of course. Everyone born here is a "native American." Russ Means, the Lakota activist, has pointed this out many times; that's why he, and many other Indian people, prefer the term "Indian." Now, whether or not Indians are just another group of immigrants (which has been used in arguments to justify overpowering them and taking their land—"Hell, they were immigrants, too; they just took it away from somebody else!"), you need to look at their creation stories. No more far-fetched than any other, like the most commonly held Euro-American creation myth, Genesis.

I prefer Indian, but, I like the statement "The Pilgrims were boat people."
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