Saturday, May 12, 2007


Where? What? Why? Who?

I've been away, this time not of my own volition...well, somewhat.

My faithful iBook's hard drive had a stroke and died. It's taken this long for me to readjust—and to replace the hard drive. I lost a bunch of mail—my backup program didn't work all that well... and I can beat myself half-to-death for not paying better attention, and so on, blah blah, the world without end...

I did lose some addresses, too. Eugene, if you're out there, would you off-line email me? And Diane? And Thurber?

Meanwhile, it seems like not much has happened on the political front. Lots of flourishes of strumpets (yeah, real ones, even if they just give massages), trumpets, threats, chest beating, and p.r. releases, but what's changed? Not much. Same old bullshit, different week.

Been re-reading Clancy Sigal's novel, "Going Away." Seems to nail down the current political scene pretty well, even though it was written more than forty years ago and covers that period of American history. Anybody else know the book?

I know GOING AWAY well. Read it when it first came out and all these years later I still think it's one of the finest American political novels ever written. A wide wide panorama of the American Left at a crucial moment as well as a personal memoir (lightly disguised as fiction). And extremely entertaining as well: the spirit of ON THE ROAD and Nelson Algren meets Big Bill Haywood and ?Andre Malraux. Actually, it's unique. And should be in print again, come to think of it.
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