Thursday, June 28, 2007


Godzilla comes slouching toward D.C.

This morning's news-blogs are about the Bush Cheney Junta refusing to observe subpoenas, thus heading toward a serious show-down in the courts. That something like this is coming is as obvious as an 8000 pound Japanese monster coming down the street. Of course: this is what it's all about.

The administration wants to make permanent changes in our government—they just about have, yeah. I worry that one of those changes is going to be a permanent neo-con government. These guys haven't worked this hard on their agenda to hand it over to a bunch of Democrats in 2008. Part of this agenda is a strong-man presidency, you know, like a dictatorship. These guys are a bunch of authoritarians, control-freaks, wannabe dictators.

What happened when Nixon defied Congress was that the courts found in favor of Congress and Tricky-Dick's stone-walling managed to even alienate members of his own party. It looks to me like the party is behind the president on this issue, because of the conservative coup on the Republicans. This leaves us with a divided Congress—and the Supreme Court, ultimately. Guess what's happened to the SCOTUS? Yeah, it's been taken over, too. I think this is part of the strategy: when push comes to shove, SCOTUS is going to side with the Junta.

And that'll be that.

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