Thursday, July 12, 2007


After a glance at

Let's see: Bill Kristol thinks the US will/should invade Pakistan in the eternal quest for "terrorists;" Harriet Miers, Bush's...hmm, what is she, anyway?...ex-aide, OK, sure, may actually be in contempt of Congress if she follows his directions and refuses to testify. Hmm. Hmm.

What does it all mean, Mr Natural?

Don't mean shit.

Congress wants to look good: it doesn't give a rat's ass about doing good. The whole purpose of Congress, these days, is to make it look like the government is operating by all the rules. Kind of like what went on back during Watergate. The only thing Congress will do, wants to do, is save it's own ass. Those guys don't give a shit about the Constitution or justice or anything like that. They want their jobs. Keep things the way they've been. They'll only go after Bush and Cheney if it looks like—to their focus groups or whoever—they'll have to do that to stay in office. Again, like Watergate. The last thing they want to do is effect real change.

Smoke and mirrors, mirrors and smoke. Bush is one of them. And I mean "them" in the most class-conscious and most us v. them way I possibly can. We shovel the coal; we don't steer the ship.

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