Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Authority is what authority does

Now, if anyone still thinks American justice is equality-oriented...

Vernonia principal in hot water over pot
Drug testing - Since 1989, the school district has had strict anti-drug rules for its athletes
Wednesday, July 11, 2007
The Oregonian
For nearly two decades the Vernonia School District has been at the forefront of fighting student drug use, even taking its mandatory drug-testing policy of athletes to the U.S. Supreme Court -- and winning.

But a 41-year-old Vernonia elementary principal will keep his job, even after getting cited at Fort Stevens State Park last week for possession of marijuana.

Vernonia Superintendent Kenneth Cox said Tuesday that Aaron Miller has his "full support" and will stay on as principal of Washington Grade School and Mist Elementary School after telling a Clatsop County sheriff's deputy that he'd been smoking pot.

"It was an unfortunate mistake and a poor choice to make," Cox said. "But I've had a meeting with Mr. Miller, and he's planning on making things better, making things right."

Miller, who lives in Vernonia, said his attorney advised him not to comment on the case. "I will be speaking publicly on this issue in the future," he said.

The Vernonia district started mandatory testing of its athletes in 1989; students with drugs in their system couldn't play. School officials said they wanted to stem a growing drug problem.

Two years later, seventh-grader James Acton refused to take a drug test as part of a tryout for middle school football. Acton was banned from playing and his parents sued the school district.

The case made it to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1995 and in a 6-3 decision justices upheld the district's policy.

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