Monday, July 09, 2007


Bones and bummers

Last month, some studies were released on a relationship between SSIs—a common group of anti-depressants—and broken bones.

Yeah, I was thrilled. I've been taking anti-depressants—Zoloft-related and bubroprion—for ten years or so. I also have a congenital bone disorder that has resulted in lots of fractures. I take Fosamax for bone strength, and anti-depressant for...mood strength, I guess you could say. So maybe I'm cancelling out the Fosamax?

I hope not. I did break the tib-fib in my right leg last fall, so that has been nagging at me. A bone density scan a few months ago didn't look too good, although not too much worse than the one before that; and considering I'd been essentially laid up for four or five months, it wasn't too bad. I reallly don't want any more fractures Don't want to spend my days being bummed out, either. Don't want to be an invalid. I'm not really sure life gets simpler as we get older...


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