Saturday, July 28, 2007


Hillary dillary dock

I try not to say much about Hillary Clinton—or Bill, for that matter. They're both classic late-20 Century Democrats. They’re somewhat-left-wing social democrat. Nothing radical, nothing really unusual. Where the far right gets the impression they are socialists or even farther left is beyond me: the reasons are matters for students of abnormal psychology, or maybe for neuro-biologists.

The Democratic Party (remember their logo is an ass) loves her: she’s a woman, competitive, smart, a lawyer, and is pleasant enough in appearance. And she likes things just the way they are, except she wants to be the president. She voted for the war and supported it. In a recent debate she said she would not, repeat not, go out on a limb and actually meet with various national leaders the US doesn’t like. She’d leave that to the diplomatic service. Right: all the little Kissinger-ians, the diplomats who still believe the Treaty of Vienna was a good deal.

Would she be better than Bush? Sure—but so would Baba Wawa. Lassie would be better than Bush. Hillary Clinton’s world is not the world of the average citizen—you think she eats macaroni and cheese, has to deal with crooked car mechanics, shop for groceries during the evening rush hour? Not a chance. Probably the only candidate who actually knows what those scenes are like is Kucinich. Edwards might have a clue. Obama might hear about it from his outreach workers, sort of. Can you imagine sitting down in a booth at Denny’s and having Hillary Clinton actually listen to you? Or Biden?

(For that matter, can you imagine having Giulianni or Fred Thompson or Dick Cheney actually listen to you? Let alone Tom DeLay or Newt Gingrich.)

The phrase that was running through my head before I started this little rap was the definition of insanity I first heard in AA meetings: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome.

Right now, the “same thing” we do over and over is vote for self-serving egotistical freaks—and we hope, once we elect people, they’ll actually behave in a way that benefits us and our country.

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