Saturday, July 28, 2007


Hindu jihadists, sacred hambuger, and huh?

A dozen or so posts back, I mentioned a truly fatuous story, about some "sacred" bull in an English hindu monastery. The bull has tuberculosis, so sacred or not, it's going to be killed.

Someone just posted a comment over that news item about fucking jihadists and suicide bombers and hamburger—nicely incoherent phrasing in the post. I think, repeat think, the poster believed the Hindus and jihadists were on the same track. Wow: if that's right, that's really an ignorant comment. Could it have been Billo? Rush? Tom Tancredo? One of the Minuteman gang?

Let us know, anonymous poster, let us know who you really are!

Ahh, think (or read) again, Pete.

It was instead a commentary that the Hindus are on a totally DIFFERENT (read as: PEACEFUL) track from the Muslims. That being the case, the Muslims win concessions from the British government whereas the Hindus end up with... hamburger.

As for the whole 'fucking' part, you'd need to ask the other anonymous poster to explain how all of that came into play. It seemed rather involved.
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