Friday, July 27, 2007


Letter from me to thee

Sweet Jesus:
People have just discovered that pro football players are not necessarily angels. That professional athletes can be assholes is about as profound an insight as learning that not all soldiers are John Wayne clones or very few politicians are like Jimmy Stewart. Wow, the sun comes up in the East! is about as profound.

I guess that's because most people seldom notice anything except themselves, one way or the other. The smart ones notice their own processes, but not much else; the dumb ones worry about how they look to others. Once in a while they can notice their families or lovers, but none of that is as facinating as themselves! Hey, we revel in that. Self-awareness, right? Somehow I think self-absorbtion is NOT what Socrates had in mind when he said "Know thyself."

Warm days here in central Oregon. Nights are warm, too, but down in the 50s; still pretty good for sleeping. Great weather.

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