Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The sound of jackboots marching down your street...

Dave Niewert is one of the good guys: he stands up to the racist and radical right, he does his homework, and he's a good writer. His blog is always readable and pungent (!).

Today, there's a really nice analysis of Bush's latest "Executive Order" (that's officialese for "instance of arbitrary and authoritarian seizure of power"—or, simply, "dictatorial power grab), the one authorizing the seizure of assets of anyone who might support terrorists or not be appropriately supportive of Amerika's efforts to annex Iraq. It's slow reading, because it makes you think, and it's detailed. No easy explanations.

Read it. Then get hold of your elected rep in Washington and demand impeachment. Warning, doing so could possibly be determined to hinter "our" country's efforts in Iraq...

the racist and radical right

Uh - I think the radical left has that pretty much sealed up:

Liberals hate for middle and low income families to have the choice, through vouchers, to send their children to private schools. Liberals rather force those that can't afford private school into government controlled public schools.

Liberals hate low income workers and rather see workers at places like Wal-Mart or other non-union companies be without a job than work for "those evil corporations".

Liberals hate blacks and continue to have their race hating spokespeople like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stir up false racial friction. Liberals endorse the hate.

Blaa blaa - so much to prove, too tiny minds.
I'm sorry, I should have realized that in the Fox world up is down, left is right, in is out, war is peace, and so on.

What kind of polish you think you'll use on your boots?
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