Thursday, August 30, 2007


Cognitive dissonance between Viet Nam and Iraq

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Vietnam, Iraq and Cognitive Dissonance (Expanded)

Vietnam, Iraq and Cognitive Dissonance (Expanded)

The parallels between Vietnam and Iraq are striking and mounting every day. Some of them (A to Z) are listed here.

What is really at stake in Iraq, and the main reason Bush will not leave (in addition to his monstrous ego, malignant narcissism and megalomania and not wanting to "lose" an illegal war he started--on "his" watch and to an "inferior" enemy) is what was at stake in Vietnam: The DEMONSTRATION EFFECT of a U.S. loss revealing to many potential victims and adversaries of U.S. Imperial system exactly how weak, overextended and vulnerable the U.S. imperial system really is.

Once a given war is clearly illegal by even U.S. laws and standards, there is no "optimum" or "orderly" way to end it but IMMEDIATELY and without any conditions.


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