Saturday, August 25, 2007


Dave Niewert, Klamath water, and the neo-Klan

Klamath River, Karl Rove—same initials for both and a very direct relationship between them. How about Dick Cheney, Gordon Smith, and Greg Walden—the initials aren’t the same, but the relationship between them and the Klamath River is just as strong as it is between the river and Karl Rove.
The Democrats, at least here in Oregon, have blown off, as far as I can see, any action against Greg Walden, the 2nd district Representative in Congress. They’re aiming at Gordon Smith. Well, why not? Aafter all, most of the Demos are over on the west side of the Cascades, in the fantasy land of Ecotopia, and we all know that central and eastern Oregon is home to Them—the rednecks, the retired military, the reactionaries, cowboys, Indians, know: Them.

Too bad. Democratic liberals spend too much time talking to each other. They’re like academics in that. After a while they just forget how to talk to people who don’t share the same enlightened viewpoints. OK: that’s just like the christians, except they’re out to evangelize—and if that doesn’t work, conquer—the non-believers.

For a while, I’ve been accumulating stuff about Walden’s involvement in the Klamath water wars. Not just how he was a tool of Rove and Cheney, but of how he actually pandered to the reactionary right. I mean the militia-types, the “freemen,” and, of course, the “minutemen.” I’m going to let Dave Niewert take the floor on that one, because for years he’s been covering the neo-Klan front.

Niewert's post for last Thursday, August 23rd, will give all the info you need about the water scene down at Klamath.

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