Monday, August 27, 2007


Daze of Deviationism (cult of the personality dept.)

The Sun Dance must have done me *some* good: b.p. 120/60, oxy saturation 98%, pulse 80. Cholesterol 170. Yahoo!

Damn rights that makes me happy. The intercessor at the dance told me one of my biggest problems is that I think I'm too old to do much. He's right, I have to admit. Next year I'll aim for spending a night and a day in the dancer's arbor. It's a four year committment, to dance. I've done two years. It'll be nice to finish it up.

What I see around me is so much unfinished business. Not just in projects I haven't quite...well, in some cases I haven't even started them, but the ones that are partially done.

I'm not alone in this, no. What a human problem! Anytime I get to thinking I'm "terminally unique" (thanks again—and again, A.A.), all I have to do is pull my head out of that dark nether region in my rear and look around. Check it out: Rove resigned and that's the last we'll see of him around Congress; same with Gonzales; both these guys are as slimy as they come. Gonzales should be charged with treason: he did his best to nullify the Constitution. Ultimately, all the Democratic bru-ha-ha is about is posturing. They really don't want to change a damn' thing. Just like the way Whitewater was blown out of sight and out of mind. Nobody really wants to change the way things work.

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