Thursday, August 30, 2007


Health Care Reform in '08? Don't bet on it.

Think the “electable” candidates will do much to reform health care in America?

Don’t bet the family farm—or even one of the family dinner-plates—on it. Our health care system may not be too good for you and me, but it’s sure good for the candidates, both Republican and Democrat. Mitt Romney has already got from the pharmaceutical and health products boys $228,260; Obama has got $161,124 and Clinton has $146,000. Hillary has the top figures from health professionals, at $910,000

If you’re just interested in the insurance industries brib—er, donations, then it’s Chris Dodd with $605,000+ leading the candidates.

Democrats are doing well by the tobacco companies, too. Dodd: $45K, Clinton: $32K. Giuliani pockets the most money from Big Tobacco: $69,500, by the way.

Molly Ivens: “you got to dance with those that brung yuh.” It’s obvious the health pros are not exactly terrified of Hillary Clinton: they did OK the last time a Clinton messed with health care. It isn’t like they think she’s going to put them in the poorhouse. It’s the rest of us that are being put in the poor house, yes. We, Joe and Jane Average, aren’t doing too well when it comes to the costs of health; but the big stockholders and execs at the insurance companies are doing just fine—just like the creeps at the tobacco industries.

In America, 31% of health care spending goes to administration; in Canada it’s 16.7%. The healthcare workforce, here, isn’t just doctors and nurses and such: 27% of them are clerical and administrators—paper pushers and bean counters. They make up less than 20% of the health care workers in Canada.

Want some more info on this?

Derrick Z. Jackson | Kucinich Is Right on Health Care

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