Monday, August 06, 2007


If the cops believe this, I hear there's a bridge across the Columbia that's for sale...

Well, amidst the pre-campaign campaign, Obama-Clinton-Biden-Joker on the left (sort of), and Giulianni-Thomspon-Brownback-Torquemada on the right (very much so!), the missing weapons in Iraq, the blooming opium crop in Afghanistan (they can thank the democracy-loving west for that), it's sometimes hard not to just break down crying. But, because I perservere, I found this lost in space at Arianna Huffington’s blog:

State rep. blames fear of ''stocky black guy'' for sex arrest

Titusville, Florida - An audiotape reveals new details about the arrest of a state lawmaker in the men's room of a public park. Investigators say State Representative Bob Allen offered an undercover officer 20 dollars, if he could perform oral sex on him. The Merritt Island Republican says its all a big misunderstanding.

In an audiotaped interview with Titusville Police, Allen says he was intimidated after a man offered a sex act for money. He says he went along with the conversation, because he was afraid of becoming another crime statistic.

On the audiotape, Allen said, "Listen. A public park. I got my name on the damn building. I'm not gonna do that. You know, maybe I said it in the wrong order, but this was a pretty stocky black guy, and there were a lot of other black guys around in the park, and, you know..."

Titusville Assistant Chief John Lau said, "If you were nervous, then how come you went back into the stall? Not in the stall, the bathroom?"

Allen responded, "I went back the second time around because >>unintelligible<< I says, 'I gotta use the bathroom.' But, I said, 'The building is safer than standing out here,' so I went back in, and sat down, and that's when he came back the second time, and that made me very nervous."

Allen says he will not resign, and may still run for the state senate.

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