Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Scrambling under the masters' table—again

Today's Oregonian reports that the percentage of state residents without health insurance is at 17.9%.

I glanced over at some Canadian statistics. Canada has, for those who have forgotten, universal coverage—every single Canadian has basic health insurance. That's 100%, yes.

Gosh, aren't we lucky we have the world's highest medical expenditures and crappy uneven coverage? We wouldn't want socialism—except socialized education, Social Security itself, Medicare, the Interstate highway system, and all the nice perks for our politicians. Even the ones who rant and rave against socialism have those perks. Do they return their SS and Medicare benefits? Do they refuse to accept governmentally-funded education for their kids and grandchildren?

Don't be silly. If you're rich and/or powerful (and by the way, most members of Congress are pretty damn' close to being rich) you have socialized medicine. The rest of us can scramble under the masters' table to find what health care we can.

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