Thursday, September 20, 2007


Disabled woman dies after 10 taser shocks in less than 3 minutes

Tasers are big news. They’ve been that for quite a while. The company’s stock must be way up. However, it’s still a grim weapon. Even if a death by tasering is labeled a suicide...

Yahoo! News

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser 10 Times;_ylt=AkmGXcsaemxUCbKDgEjTdVHpx0QC
Wed Sep 19, 9:38 AM ET

A Clay County woman's family said it's seeking justice after their loved one died shortly after being shocked 10 times with Taser guns during a confrontation with police.


Family attorney Rick Alexander said Delafield's death could have been prevented and that there are four things that jump out at him about the case.

"One, she's in a wheelchair. Two, she's schizophrenic. Three, they're using a Taser on a person that's in a wheelchair, and then four is that they tasered her 10 times for a period of like two minutes," Alexander said.

According to a police report, one of the officers used her Taser gun nine times for a total of 160 seconds and the other officer discharged his Taser gun once for a total of no more than five seconds.

A medical examiner found Delafield died from hypertensive heart disease and cited the Taser gun shock as a contributing factor, the report said. On her death certificate, the medical examiner ruled Delafield's death a homicide.

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Learning as I have these past five years all that I have learned of bipolarism, the benign label for schizophrenia, calling the cops was the wrong move to begin with (I know).

The cop bitch is a pig, an animal, less than human, and should be tasered to death. The family member (or whomever) that called the cops should be as well.
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