Monday, September 17, 2007


Liberal bias in the media? Uh-huh, sure, right—Are you sure you took your meds today?

The Bend Bulletin is an interesting paper. It provides good local coverage, middling national coverage, a fairly wide-open letters-to-the-editor policy and a whole slew of conservative columnists.

Yesterday's paper, on the op-ed page, had four pieces. One was by Thomas Sowell, an African-American guy down at the Hoover Institution; he called for allowing the cops to use more "force" in high speed chases—like having a sharp-shooter in a hovering helicopter being alowed to take a "well-aimed shot" at the fleeing suspect. What a swell idea! More force is always productive, yeah, sure. Another column was by Jonah Goldberg, from the National Review, mumbling about "shriller voices on the left" and the falsity of the term "blow-back" in describing what's happened to America's fortunes in the Middle East. Jonah Goldberg is famous, of course, for claiming that the national media is biased on the left—and elitist, of course. A third column, by Victor Davis Hanson, also from the Hoover Institution, claims that to be opposed to Israel's repressive policies toward Palestinians is to be anti-semetic.

The fourth column is about a nun working in an orphanage in Rumania: something good and decent as opposed to neo-con cant.

Yesterday's newspaper editorial slant was about as far to the left as Margaret Thatcher.

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