Monday, September 10, 2007


Petraeus and WMDs

The ins and outs of military politics are as arcane and crooked as any politics. We remember the attempts to bury My Lai. Good military politicians get rewarded, no matter how bad their actions may have been...

Look who’s now the big-time spokesweasel for the “surge:”

13 May 2003
U.S. Troops Find Second Biological Weapons Trailer Near Mosul

(Defense Department Report) (520)
Washington -- Troops from the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division - -
stationed in northern Iraq and headquartered in Mosul -- have found
what military authorities believe may be a second mobile biological
weapons laboratory, says the division commander.

"The suspected mobile biological agent production lab found on 9 May
in our area was found by one of our infantry units during operations
at the al-Kindi Rocket and Missile Research and Development Center,"
Major General David Petraeus said May 13 during a briefing from Mosul.
"Our own chemical section looked at the trailer and confirmed it as a
trailer that was very close to identical to the first trailer that was
found by Special Forces southeast of here last week."

Petraeus said he spoke with experts May 13, and they have a
"reasonable degree of certainty that this is in fact a mobile
biological agent production trailer."

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