Saturday, September 15, 2007

The "President" made quite a speech the other night. He extolled the progress we're making in Iraq; how the people in Anbar Province asked us to help them out; that life in Baghdad was returning to normal.

Many commentators were stunned. Not all of them, of course: the Bill-O and the Rush and the Fox Family were jumped up and down, saying "See, he agrees with us! We're right! We're winning!" But the majority of commentators, even the middle-of-the-road Republican-symps, were stunned. They wondered if Bush was dwelling in an alternatve universe or perhaps on drugs or if he'd just gone totally bonkers. I think he was probably being true to facts: the executive branch now has so much power it doesn't even need to tell half-way true stories. Bush could just as well have said, "We are making steady progress against the dreadful Blue Cheese mold that is spreading throughout the Middle East," and it wouldn't have made any difference. True lies. You don't like what the administration is telling you? Tough shit.

The Democrats can fuss all they want. Ultimately, they're as tied into the killing machine as the Republicans. They're out to save their jobs and be loyal to them what bought them their jobs. However, they're still allowed to pose prettily for the cameras and cluck their tongues.

And the rest of us? Well, our taxes are going up and the received services are going down. We will be allowed, though, to see our corporate masters (and mistresses) drive past in their luxury cars. We may even be allowed to throw flowers at them...although turds would be more appropriate.

The problem is the United States is that "blue cheese mold" spreading through the Middle East and the whole world knows that. The majority of Americans are running scared living in the "shadow of the towers" (even after six years)and their lives are filled with fear of terrorism. Think of it, a whole new generation of American children are growing up in a culture of fear, so what does the future hold for them?

As long as we live in fear then leaving Iraq is not on the table for a solution and the killing will continue.

The military establishment has found an answer to a problem that has been haunting them for years:
how do you find an acceptable war that people will not try to end?--keep the killing under the radar--apparently 2-3 soldiers (men and women) per day doesn't bother people--so the killing continues and the war profiteers continue to make money.
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