Sunday, September 09, 2007


Sleepy Sunday simmerings

Here's a link you all—at least those of you on my side of the political aisle—would do well to check out:

The idea is to form a movement around a political platform rather than a candidate or a party. Sure: there are progressive values many of us share: a belief in diplomacy rather than armed aggression, universal health care, an end to the oil addiction, and so on. So it would be a matter of having these issues as check-outs for the candidates—OK, here's what I want, Ms/Mr Candidate, where are you at on these positions? That way we don't get hooked into the Cult of Personality that dominates our political system. There's something hard-wired in us that wants to improve the world, I think. Altruism. But it too often gets co-opted by the party system.


And, going from the political world to the, uh, er, hmm....

I spent a few entertaining minutes running down a certain temporarily famous photo of a certain temporarily-young Disney actress who made the mistake of posing nude in front of her mirror—or so the story goes. Who knows? She's really beautiful, yeah. Why shouldn't she be? The entertainment industry (which is exactly what it is) amasses beautiful young women the way CEOs amass bonusus, the way politicians amass donations. How long will she last? Well, nude photos haven't ruined too many actresses careers, over the years. You probably know who she is, so Google her. There, I've done admitting my dirty old man-ness.

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