Thursday, September 27, 2007


Life in the feed-lot, or cow-shit? I don't smell any cow-shit

Sometimes I don't know what to get outraged about first. The way the Democrats have slid into a business-as-usual stance. Bush's on-going verbal blunders. The administration's continuing equating of dissent with disloyalty. There's the Republican "alternative" health plan for children, something that could have been written by Herbert Hoover. Larry Craig's moral meanderings are worth a few points in my blood pressure, too, I guess.... But....

And there's a nice minor local issue, some woman in a very very exclusive community hung out her laundry so it could get dry in the fresh air and the home-owners association threatened her with a lawsuit. People are very upset about that—not as many as those who screamed when Mt Bachelor raised the price of their season ski passes, but a substantial number. Shit: nobody put a gun to her head and made her move into such a subdivision—excuse me: exclusive community. Perhaps "discriminating community" would fit even better, but I don't know all the restrictions on their deeds.

After awhile outrage isn't enough. It hasn't been enough since the war started. Hell, it's never been enough. For all we matter, we're watching a movie about corrupt politics in a very slick and sophisticated dictatorship. It happens to be run by dumbells, but it's still slick and sophisticated. I'm numbed out by the sheer volume of stupid shit. It's like if you work in a feed-yard you stop smelling all the cow shit.

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