Thursday, September 27, 2007



Holy shit: been almost a week since I posted anything. Well, it’s OK, I’ve been busy—or at least my mind has been busy. B.’s niece, who lives with us—I’ve mentioned her, she’s 20 going on 14—is hot for a guy at her work. He’s a drunk. Just no way around that: no insurance, demoted on his job because of drinking, pulled over by the cops twice in one week, broke, sort of semi-homeless, and the niece has bailed his car out of impound, got insurance for herself, had to go get one of those payday-advance loans, in order to have any money left for things like laundry... What can I say?

It’s hard to watch her go through this stuff. B and I have told her—and him—that his drinking is out of control. We’ve told her that he isn’t going to change, voluntarily. And it’s clear he isn’t going to trot himself into an AA meeting unless he’s strong-armed into going, and that ain’t gonna work. I’ve seen a lot of people come into AA because of the court system. Almost all of them have left again, back to their old habits. Can’t force people into sobriety. I don’t have much of a sense of the b.f.; the niece has a warm heart and a quick wit...and her usual stance is defensive, which makes sense when one considers the family she came out of.

So all this stuff is time consuming and tiring. I wish it wasn’t happening...but it is and there’s no way out of it except through it. Slog slog slog. Not a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, no.

The news hasn’t helped my mood, either. The shameful response to MoveOn’s ad that suggests General Petraeous is a political hack is disgusting.

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