Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Walden: he'd support an invasion of Greenland if the Party wanted him to

Oregon’s 2nd District Congressperson, Greg Walden, has come out in favor of General Bush’s report on the progress we’re making in Iraq. No surprise: Greg would support an invasion of Greenland if Bush could come up with some semi-sane reasons to do so.

Again, the thing is: it’s an illegal and immoral war to begin with. Bush-Cheney lied about the ties between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein and about the weapons of mass destruction. Utter lies. Bullshit lies.

Under those circumstances, all America can do, morally, is say “We made a terrible mistake, the people who misled us into this war will be punished, and we will do whatever you deem necessary to make amends. We will immediately withdraw and ask for neutral help to repair the damage we have done. We’re very very sorry.”

But, being the most heavily armed country in the world, we don’t have to do that. And we won’t. Chances are we’ll invade some other country on equally made-up reasons. Like Greenland. And Greg Walden will support that.

"We made a terrible mistake, and we're really sorry for killing your favorite iron fisted Islamic tyrant. Would you like us to help you set up another one?'

Oh, wait, that's what we're doing. Never mind..."
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