Friday, October 05, 2007


The Fantasy America-land

Argh! I just lost a post I forgot to save. Goddamit!

OK, I suggest people take a look at Eugene's blog, pudgyindian2

Eugene has some interesting material on skinheads and other shock troops for the neo-cons. Black Shirts, yeah. Black Shirts, shaved heads, tattoos. Man, when I see people like that, I feel intimidated. I understand that's why people, guys, dress that way: they want to impress people with how macho and rough they are. Isn't that nice?

The skinhead-types espouse, of course, all the values the Neo-Cons hold dear: national (e.g.: white) pride, violence and aggression, a belief in (some sort of christian) God, guns, American cars, keeping women in their place, whopping on kids to "teach 'em to mind", and so on and so forth, ad nauseam.

Most of them are...well, out of place. One hundred and fifty years ago, the skinheads would have been frontiersmen, out in the West, killing Indians, taking scalps, getting drunk and shooting each other, becoming American Idols.

The neo-cons have lived beyond their times, too. They believe in an America that never really existed, except in cheap novels and TV shows. And it's that attachment to the unreal myth that appeals to so many people. Folks want the "Bonanza," "The Way the West was Won," "Big Jake" fantasy, because they feel inadequate and powerless in the real world. Slipping into fantasy or chemically medicating themselves are about the only ways they can escape their bleak existences. Thank god for Xanax...

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