Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yeah, here we go again...

Bill O'Reilly is incensed that Dumbledore is gay; the Colorado Rockies are big on having team members who are Jesus-heads; according to an Aussie paper, Bush has offered to fire missles at Kurdish militia groups who are fighting the Turks (although I don't know if he'll zap Kurdish partizans fighting the Iranians); our equality-loving Senate just OKed a southern racist; the Republicans look at Hillary Clinton and see the mythic teethed vagina of their nightmares; and I don't like anybody very much, as sang the Kingston Trio. Who'd a-thought those idiot preppies would have been so on-target?

I guess when the empire collapses, all good sense goes with it. The Democrats have joined the Republicans in utter idiocy. In the upcoming presidential election I think I'll vote for Joe Hill.

Other than that, life plods on. Our cat-boarder loves to sleep all day. I think he's smart. B. watches hours of TV and worries about her niece. I think that's not-smart, but I'm not B.. Winter is approaching: on the reservations it's again a time of starvation and freezing for too many people, young and old.


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