Tuesday, November 06, 2007



Activist and actor Floyd Red Crow Westerman is sick. So, pray for him, light sage, candles, whatever you choice is.

Brothers and sisters,

Floyd still is not out of the woods. We have lots of people at his bedside holding vigil. But he is still really in a bad way.


Please do not try and call Floyd or Rosie. Floyds Phone is full of messages and we are not going to empty them right now. You can e-mail me and let me know that you are praying for him. I will make a record of the people who send me e-mails and tell him.

Right now we are told that he can hear us when we talk to him. But for the most part he is unconcious. We are up there singing to him and trying to get through to him. Keith Secola came fly in yesterday. He went in right away and sang to Floyd. Floyd seemed to respond to that.

Please send your prayers and your energy to help Floyd.


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