Thursday, December 13, 2007


Gimme that old-time collusion!

Well, here's something disconcerting: it looks like one reason the Democratic leadership shies away from impeachment proceedings is because they colluded in letting the administration get away with torture. Why? Because they're players, too—just like the Republicans. The last thing any player wants is to have the game end or to have the game suddenly change. Politicians are politicians; for the most part they could care less about morals.

This came off OpEd News. It's good:

Well maybe it is a little clearer why the first thing Pelosi did after she became speaker of the house was to take impeachment off the table.

According to the Washington Post beginning in 2002 leading lawmakers both Republican and Democrat where briefed on the so called enhanced interrogation techniques including waterboarding. The lawmakers who held oversight roles during that time period included Nancy Pelosi, Jane Harman, Bob Graham, John Rockefeller IV, Porter Goss, and Pat Roberts.
The only one that objected the technique was Representative Jane Harmon.

So it looks as though Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats have colluded with the Bush administrations torture techniques because she knew about them but did not report them.

Senator Biden has called for an independent counsel to investigate the destruction of the torture tapes that have been in the news for the last week. It seems though Senator Jay Rockefeller D(W.V.) chairman of the Senate intelligence Committee does not think there is a need for an independent counsel because he said “ it is the job of the intelligence committee to do that.” I believe that the foxes are guarding the hen house.

This is starting to make some sense why after the Democrats took control of Congress that no serious investigation of this administrations lawlessness has occurred.

We the people need to make sure that there is an independent counsel appointed to investigate the destruction of the terror tapes and to determine who is complicit in this administrations total disregard for the rule of law.

The fox should not be guarding the hen house and we must enhance the improvements already made in Congresses ethics reform laws this year to include, a standing independent investigating body to watch Congress and the President. Without this who are we to trust, the politicians?????

Peace and Liberty through intelligence, strength, and integrity.

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