Thursday, December 27, 2007


Guns, violence, fundamentalism and all the other stuff that makes the world go 'round...

Was Ms Bhutto stupid?

No...perhaps suicidal? A bit too driven by her ego? I don't know. She wasn't stupid, but she may have been foolish; certainly there've been millions of non-stupid people who have behaved foolishly. I don't think her story could have ended otherwise, though. Guns, explosives, religious fundamentalism: a real formula for violence.

Pakistan is clearly a country that has not been helped by America's War on Reality. I'm not sure what countries have been helped—I mean, apart from the ruling parties of those countries. Obviously, we've helped the people in power. Helped them get richer. We'll never know how much money we've spent on Ms Bhutto. Or on any of the politicians in Pakistan. We know the country is corrupt, even if the state department is reluctant to actually use such a concrete word. But, yeah, Pakistan, India, Russia, Afghanistant, Iraq, Egypt, China—America has made a lot of people very rich and helped keep millions of other people in the swamp of poverty. Why do we let that happen? Because that's the way it is here, too.

America really isn't all that much more moral or upright than any other country. It's just that it's easier to identify corruption elsewhere than in your own town, county, state, nation. "Oh yeah, them folks over in Bum Fuck, they're as crooked as a dog's hind leg, yup."

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