Sunday, January 27, 2008


Lies exposed...but....

Two recent yet independent studies have come out, analyzing statements made by the Bush Administration in the lead-up to war after 9/11. These studies document over 500 lies by America’s leaders. Five hundred lies repeated countless times.

These lies led us into the war and occupation of Iraq. They led us, so far, to nearly 4,000 American deaths, numerous British losses, and unknown numbers of Iraqis killed. Beyond these deaths are countless maimed and emotionally devastated people, both military and civilian—on all sides. Our economy is shattered and scandals thrive like weeds.

Lies. The president, the vice-president, secretary of state—and their mouthpieces—sanctimoniously lied through their polished teeth. They claimed evidence of weapons of mass destruction, that Americans would be welcomed and honored by Iraqis, and that Iraq had subsidized and helped train the hijackers of 9/11. They hinted that Americans who dissented from the administration’s party line were flirting with treason. These lies have been—and are—spread widely and elaborated on by cadres of conservative commentators.

We were lied into a disastrous war. We are still being fed lies. Those who got us into this war should be removed from office and prosecuted for war crimes.

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