Thursday, January 03, 2008


Remembering Anna Mae

One of the loops in my intellectual life contains the fight between members of the American Indian Movement and the Federal bureau of Investigation.

The most famous round in the fight is the one where two FBI agents were killed on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. There are a dozen or so books about it, movies, and on-going reporting. Who killed them? Leonard Peltier is doing life in prison for it. His trial was a farce. It was as lame as the OJ Simpson trial, and if there had been as many Indians on the jury as there were black people on the Simpson jury, Peltier probably would have have walked.

I don’t know if Peltier is “innocent”; two other men charged with the same murders were found not guilty by reason of self-defense. All three were present when the agents were killed. The government’s prosecution, though, was shameful.

There’s more, though. Anna Mae Aquash, a member of the American Indian Movement and a tireless organizer was shot and killed on the Reservation, twenty-some years ago. One man was just found guilty and another man is awaiting trial. The scenario presented to us is that the leadership of the American Indian Movement thought she was a snitch and ordered her killed.

The movement, AIM for short, has hung on over the years. Most of the original members are still around: Russ Means, Dennis Banks, John Trudell, Russ Redner, Dino Butler, Kenny LoudHawk. None of them have been directly implicated in Aquash’s murder. That the movement has endured is a thorn in the government’s paw—particularly the FBI’s paw.

But it seems like the Indians are their own worst enemies. As the 2nd trial in Aquash’s death approaches, snitch labels are flying; the plot is complex and ugly. Old time members are turning on each other. Of course, the only beneficiary from this is the FBI, always eager to settle a cherished grudge. Hell, the Indians shot two agents and only one man went down for it: can’t let them off that easy.

It’s sad. I don’t know who killed the agents and I don’t know who killed Anna Mae Aquash (well, I’m sure that directly or indirectly the FBI killed her). I don’t think we’ll ever know. I know the FBI plays dirty, has played dirty, and will play dirty, the world without end, amen.

Is it such a stretch of the imagaination to believe that those who are so freely calling each other snitches are the same people who have something to hide in regards to Anna Mae's murder?

Why is Arlo Looking Cloud now wanting to finger John Graham? Who got to him and offered him a deal?

Leonard was offered a get out of jail free card if he fingered someone else in the movement for the death of Anna Mae. Does that not smack of collusion?

Meanwhile, a decent man who has proclaimed his innocence all along, and who also refused to snitch out his fellow Aimsters whom he considered "brothers and sisters", is now going to face a sham of a "trial", so that the FBI and their ilk can say that "justice" has been served.

If John goes to jail, no justice will have been served.

Divide and conquer has been complete. The only person with any integrity through all of this has been John Graham, and the AIM so-called "leadership" should be ashamed of themselves. They have shown themselves to be the cowards they are. Shame!
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