Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Ron Paul...again...sigh.

There's a comment, after my last post, from something or someone called The Tulsa Atlas. It defends Ron Paul and says the story I quoted has been refuted. That's entirely possible, because there isn't any statement that can't, one way or the other, be "refuted." It's a matter of quality, when you get down to it. Like the creationists refute evolution—only their refutations are shallow, silly, and dishonest.

The point in the article I cited is that Ron Paul is not a libertarian so much as a far far FAR right wing populist, appealing to the paranoid white folk around the country. That's why the militias, the so-called "Patriot Movement," the survivalists, and the white racists are supporting him, yeah. Why?

Look: the man's against income taxes and believes the IRS is illegal; he supports a Constitutional amendment to ban abortions, he wants Christian Protestant God messages displayed in public schools, he favors the quarantine of AIDS patients and believes the virus can be spread by saliva (and he's a doctor, yet!), and he believes we should go back on the gold standard. He also thinks the law is skewed in favor of black people over white people. Jesus.

The man may not wear a white sheet—or camos—but, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck...

I can agree with you that Ron Paul should be a right wing populist except that he is against the Iraq war. If he truly was looking for the red neck's vote, he would not take that stance. God forbid you be against the war in the Republican Party.

I'm a young conservative voter but I'm definitely not in the Ku Klux Klan. That is a ridiculous sterotype you are throwing out there.

The problem for Ron Paul is that there are a lot of people that want government downsized for a lot of various reasons. There are liberals that want the drug war ceased or want gay marriage allowed. There are militia weirdos that think the government wants to enslave us. In our current media, guilt by association is a major bitch. You can find the biggest oddball and say look he is a Ron Paul supporter; that's what they all must be like.
One other comment:
The head of the NAACP in Austin, TX has come out and said that Ron Paul is definitely not racist. That seems like a pretty good reference.

Ron Paul is simply being slandered by the war propagandists. The New Republican has a very sleazy background. That being said it was stupid of Ron Paul to let people print publications in his name without reviewing them.
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