Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Who? Kucinich? WHO?

No, not too much to say until today. Or maybe too much and not feeling quite up to organizing how I was going to say it...

Kucinich: kept out of the last Demican debate by a decision of one of our corporate masters, NBC. And the courts let them get away with it. WTF? It was for the four leading candidates; Richardson was placing fourth and he dropped out, therefore—Kucinich, the only avowed progressive candidate, was booted. In Nevada, yeah, where GE and their connections to the Yucca Mountain project are powerful, and, of course, where Harry Reid...and the Democratic National Committee didn't let out a peep... Hey, if voting could change the system it would be against the law, yup. And the system is, if it is anything, self-preserving. The system doesn't have room for people like Kucinich. Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, sure. But nobody who's going to shake things up—or even talk about shaking things up.

That's also why Paul and Huckabee are ultimately out of the loop. The electoral system works by hammering down anyone who sticks their head up too far.

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