Thursday, February 07, 2008


Romney spits in the soup

"...surrender to terror..."?

Who is this arrogant jerk? As Dave Neiwert pointed out over at Orcinus, the stab in the back scenario is alive and well. The conservatives have always loved this one, since they saw how well it worked for the Nazis. They've had the communists stabbing us in the back, the intellectuals, the students, liberals, everybody who hasn't marched lock-step with them on the War Road.

Every so often I get kind of sentimental toward the Mormons. After all, my mother's dad came from the Mormon church (actually, he came away from it) and one of my g-grandfathers—g-g-grandfather, I think it was—was a Mormon lad who rode for the Pony Express. And translated for the Indians. And so on. Pretty romantic stuff. But.

Back when the LDS successfully campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendment, I started feeling, well, cynical about them. It isn't just their personal belief system: it's what they'd like to impose on the rest of us. And, apparently, Mitt Romney would like us all to believe that the Democrats are hand-in-hand with Islamic terrorists. What a crock of shit.

Arrogant ass.

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