Sunday, February 03, 2008


Sometimes the light's all shining on me

Reuters says that Monday night—tomorrow, the remaining members of the Grateful Dead will play a concert to support Obama's campaign. The least politically-outspoken rock band of all comes full circle (OK, so that's hyperbole: who cares).

Obviously Obama is seen as an outsider (even if he is from one of the most politically corrupt states of all...yeah, that's saying something) who's...what? Kennedy-esque? I guess. I can't remember any candidate with such wide-spread support on the left side of the hall. No, I'm not saying he's a lefty, not at all. He's so mainstream he gives me a headache. But what he has is a huge appeal to the young and to those who feels politics are a mistake. That may be what it takes. I mean there hasn't been an insider since JFK who's fired up younger voters like Obama has. An insider, I said—not McCarthy, who was automatically forced outside the mainstream Democratic Party, not RFK, either, since the machine would have stopped him one way or the other.

So, sometimes the light's all shining on me, yeah, but: other times I can barely see....

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