Sunday, June 01, 2008


Does Anyone Give a Shit?

After the scandals about prisoner torture broke, I wrote one of my senators, Ron Wyden, about investigating and prosecuting those responsible for it. Good ol' Ron wrote me back, assuring me he'd work diligently to find out exactly who ordered the torture and would make sure those reponsible would be held responsible.

I wish I still had the letter.

We sure have a good idea of who OKed—hell, ordered—the torture. Not just us, but most of the world knows who ordered it: the White House. Our country is run by war criminals. They have about 90% of the Republican party behind them, too. Defending things like "extraordinary rendition," waterboarding, anything short of actually torturing the prisoners to death...although that probably happened, too—well, accidentally, no doubt.

I don't think anybody really gives a shit, though. I don't even believe they have any outrage left at the bullshit way we got into this war, either. Maybe it's scandal-fatigue. Or PTSD.

With the congressional Democrats going along with torture, I think it's difficult for many people to figure out what to do.
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