Tuesday, July 08, 2008


A Stitch in Time is likely to go into my finger

Moccasins. Stitching leather. Sewing them up is slow going. It doesn't seem to be real difficult—tedious, but not difficult. Easier than reading policy papers or listening to political speeches (which are two variations on the theme of bullshit).

The political news, from the lefty news and commentary blogs, is repetitious and speculative. Who is in the running for VP for McSame? Who will be Obama's running dog-err mate? What is the meaning of the shift in McCain's/Obama's campaign staff ? What does it all mean, Mister Natural?

It really don't mean sheeit. It doesn't really mean much of anything. McCain is still out-of-it and Obama is another incarnation of Bill Clinton. The Republicans are still Republicans and the Democrats and still the Democrats and both parties are slightly seperated right-wing social democrats, no more no less. The Military Industrial Party has a big tent: both parties are under it's shelter. Well, it's more like a "big stable" than a "big tent." Like a pimp has a stable, yeah. This whole campaign is turning out to be a well-done, slick, expensive Hollywood movie, only without the sex. Although I read—somewhere–that Laura Bush is writing a book with sex in it. That's an interesting, if repulsive, thought. Not as bad As Mrs Cheney's books, though—couldn't be.

So, I have one moccasin nearly done. In less than an hour's work, it'll be finished. The sole for the other one is punched out and the top is ready to be sewn to it. It's minor stuff, but we need to be grateful for small things.

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