Sunday, October 05, 2008


Coming up for air—or for the third time...

There’s more than enough disassembling of Sarah Palin: she’s deconstructing faster than all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can put her back together again. I almost feel sorry for the woman. She’s sort of...well, like a Hollywood product: cute, somewhat capable, but over-hyped. Essentially, somebody pointed out, a Barbie on steroids. But—

But. What if she’s the Manchurian Candidate of the Christian Right? John McCain’s OK, like most people are OK (except for the ones who are Not OK). Nothing special, a rich and not too bright old guy who likes playing politics. He’d probably be a good city councilman or member of a school board. Maybe even a decent member of the Arizona Legislature.

We know the Christian Right wants to take over the country, so they can save our souls and please God. It's for our own Good. They believe the world is going to end, soon. The righteous will go to Heaven and the rest will go in the wood pile. The faster they can help this come about the better it will be. They also know they can’t win an election because of their own popularity. Satan has his hooks everywhere, right? John McCain could, possibly, win this election with a little help from his friends in the Republican Machine. If he does win it...

Well, he is a Beloved American Patriot (and, did you know, an Ex-POW?). Satan, as mentioned, has his hooks everywhere. Some poor deluded drug-addled liberal coward might decide to whack this Beloved American Patriot-Now-President. We’d have a good stand up Hockey-Mom-Six-Pack-ette to take his place. A good glamorous-but-demure Christian Woman.

Who happens to believe in the return of Jesus in her life-time.

Reversing Roe v. Wade would be the least damage she could do.

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