Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Killing me softly, with their lies...

Beth said, appropos of the campaign, "All those Republican statements are built on fear. They just want everyone to be afraid."

Bringing up a vague association with someone like Bill Ayers is, a) a remarkable piece of mud-slinging, and b) an attempt to tie someone's demented actions of forty years ago with someone else's character today... Jesus. Several people have commented than when Ayers was running off the deep end, Obama was eight years old; since then Ayers apparently got his head on straight and has been leading a quiet life, quite seperate from Obama's. This weird guilt by association riff is also hyped by the woman who accused the Democrats of always looking backward. Jesus, again. In fact, Jesus Fucking Christ! On a crutch.

I have fairly good memories of the McCarthy period. My grandfather hung out with some proto-John Birch types, and some actual Birchers fifty, sixty years ago. I even met Walter Knott, of Knott's Berry Farm and heard him rant about the communists. I can guarantee that hearing that, or from a dozen other people who thought Hitler wasn't altogether that bad, that I am in no way a neo-McCarthy-ite, nor a neo-Nazi, nor an anti-Semite, nor... Of course, if I ran into an unreconstructed loony left over from the Sixties, I might be accused of that. But that's what Ms Palin is doing. That's what the Republicans are doing with this whole fucking campaign: they're appealing to the public's incredibly deep-seated fears and convoluted emotional associations to destroy Obama.

Do the Republican strategists actually believe that Obama is some sort of covert Muslim terrorist/traitor? That's hard for me to believe, but not as hard as it is to believe that Palin and McCain are so...let me rephrase that. If the Republican strategists believe that bizarre domestic terror threat, they're as crazy as shithouse rats (as my old friend Edd Whittaker would say); if they don't believe the line they're laying down, they're about as honest as a used-car salesman's "this car was owned by a little old lady..."

Obviously, a terrorist strike here in the USA would be the best thing for the McCain-Palin ticket. I'm praying it won't happen.

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