Thursday, October 30, 2008


A little of this, a little of that, but mostly what a pile of shit!

So, how high a pile of $1.00 bills would $14.83 Billion be?

Damned high, yeah. It's the biggest quarterly profit of any, repeat, ANY corporation, ever. Guess who? Exxon-Mobile. That profit came from the quarter where we were wondering if we'd ever be able to again fill up a gas tank. The same quarter that saw the economy start to crumble. The almost last quarter of George II's regime.

The mortgage game had it's covers yanked, and the U.S. taxpayers went in the hole for the bail-out. The world economy, thanks to the "free market," is lurching around like a blind cyclops, and we all hope to hell it doesn't step off the edge of the cliff. Some October surprise!

John McCain is throwing everything he can scrape up at Obama—including some of John's own personal stink, I believe. The comic strip "Candorville" has been running a story line about some embedded reporters searching Hanoi for McCain's lost Honor. That's about it: McCain has given up any pretense of honorable behavior in his panic-y old man efforts to get elected president. It's sad and disgusting at the same time: I bounce back and forth the two positions. There's something ghastly about his attempts to smear Obama with anything he can find. It's demented.

And so's Sarah Palin, yeah: demented. She is the Manchurian Candidate of the Christian Fascists. I don't know if she invented herself or is a product of the labs at Dobson's Focus on the Family. She's kind of like Hitler: a joke if she wasn't for real. I think, to maybe take the load off her, she's maybe just not too bright and attention-starved, so she's been listening to the wrong people. No, God is not going to bless her into office as the savior of America. No, we are not the chosen people and, no, there is no New-New Covenant between God and America. However, we are fucked.

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