Sunday, October 19, 2008


Same ol', same ol

Interesting, yeah. According to some “conservatives,” Colin Powell endorses Obama because of race. Jesus.

Now that we can see the finish line and see that Obama is a lot closer to it than is McCain, the final suicidal charge of the Republican Machine hurls skin color at us. Race, yup. At least they’re consistent. From Nixon’s recruiting southern whites to the Republican party to this, they are consistent. Got to give them credit for that. What value that credit has, though, is dubious. Playing to racial fears is about as valuable as dumping dog shit on the sidewalk.

Through it all, though, our own, good, stalwart, daily paper maintains it’s Republican bias. They came out today and endorsed McCranky and Sarah Barracuda. McCain, the Bulletin noted, has a more responsible health plan and his tax policy is more sensible. Sure: let the concentration of wealth increase. Let the insurance company donors make greater profits off human misery. Wolves need to be killed. Polar bears are not important and neither are beluga whales. Indians are mukluks. Bomb bomb bomb Iran.

What happened to this country? I know. Nothing has happened—it’s the same ol’ same ol’. Anti-Indian, anti-Black, anti-Mexican, anti- everybody who isn’t white and protestant and on the make. Fuck nature. Jesus, again.

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