Monday, November 10, 2008


Death threats and Sarah Palin and good ol' suthrun boys....

Over on FDL, there are comments about the Secret Service declaring Sarah Palin’s denunciations of Obama led to an increase in death threats against the president-elect.

This isn’t surprising. The name of game, as the neo-fasicsts see it, is “Nigger-Knocking,” also affectionately known as race-baiting. The Rethugnicans, ever since Nixon, have catered to the unreconstructed suthrun racists. It’s shameful. What was once the patrician party has become the gathering point for shit-kickers. The GOP would rather you didn’t have a Confederate flag on your pickup truck, but, hey, it’s a big tent...

And Sarah Palin was the side-show barker. She called them in like hogs. Worried that somebody’s gonna take away your phallic-symbol AK-47? Come on in! Afraid some black guy’s out to marry your sister (and take her away from you)? Hey, look what we got!

This campaign finished John McCain, at least for me. He supported those attacks. Silence equals complicity—or fear. I know he’s generally a pretty nice guy. I’d probably like knowing him. But, my liking someone doesn’t mean they’re, say, a good mechanic or an accomplished artist or angler or a good president. Fuck him.

And Sarah Palin? Don’t let the door hit you....

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