Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Breaking up is hard to do, unless you have brittle bones

I've been laid up since last week. I slipped on the ice around here and broke my pelvis and my hip. I had a nice visit over at St Charles Hospital. It's a pretty pleasant (considering) place with a cheery staff. There are a lot of lot-worse hospitals.

So I haven't written anything; the good things about pain meds are that, a, they knock down pain, and b, they let you realize you do have an attention span because the meds destroy it. True existential living, spasm to spasm, pill to pill. Even, now, where I'm thinking out the vicodin with straight Tylenol, it's difficult to stay focused. Kinda fun to try, though.

Oy ve! Peter, I had no idea you'd been injured. I hope you're better now! Blegh. When I don't see any posts or emails from you for a while, I worry that you've been laid out by the flu, or that Beth is. But no, it was an ordinary "slip, trip or fall" accident like the industrial health & safety always warn us - the most common accident around the home or on the job.

Be well! And of course, as a wise person named Peter once taught me, whether you can be well or not - be happy!
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