Saturday, December 20, 2008


A Bridge over the River Devisive

There's been an on-going flap around these parts over naming a bridge—a small one—over the Deschutes River. It's been known as the Portland Avenue Bridge for as long as I can remember. Some local peace-activists have urged the city to name it the "Peace Bridge," since we already have one named after a military hero.

You might have thought, from the uproar, that it would named the Karl Marx Bridge or something like that. Jesus: every half-drunk old legionaire ranted and raved about how subversive and un-American it would be to name something after Peace. One of the local TV stations ( has an on-line forum and the froth flew like spittle from a rabid dog. Someone said they would never drive over a bridge that so dishonors our brave fighting... You know. Nothing like a little war to stir up the bar-room patriots.

The city council, since most of them are going out of office, stepped bravely forward and announced the bridge would be renamed the "Peace Bridge." The new city council, composed of folks heavily backed by business, will probably rename it something the "Free Market Memorial Bridge," and put up a toll booth to benefit the Chamber of Commerce.

Small cities are so much fun.

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