Monday, December 15, 2008


Bush gets free shoes!

He said they were size 10s, but who knows?

How much evidence needs to accumluate—hell, pile up!—before people finally get it through their heads that we are not welcome in Iraq? Not only are we not welcome, we are thoroughly rejected. We invaded the country, obliterated the fragile working infrastructure, and nearly blasted it back to the Stone Age. We are occupiers, as welcome as Nazi troops in, say, France in 1943. Sure, a certain number of French people enjoyed having the Germans in their nation, but not enough to count. After the German occupation was broken, remember, those who had welcomed the occupiers were beaten, disgraced, and in many cases, shot. Occupying troops are seldom loved.

At last, though, a direct picture of the anger toward Americans in that ass-kicked country.

You mean they don't like us? Jesus. Things are about to the point where America is the only country that loves America. We've moved beyond being a rogue state: we're almost a pariah state. It didn't take long, did it? In my life-time we went from being a beacon of freedom (more or less, depending on who was looking) to a symbol of tyranny.

Bush needs a lot more shoes thrown at him. As well as some warrants for his arrest.

An update on Firedoglake reports that the reporter who threw the shoes has been imprisoned and severely beaten.

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