Thursday, January 29, 2009


Counting down

What I first wanted to say was this: the Huffington Post has an article today on the CD that one of the candidates for chairing the Republican party has put out. He made the news—some news, anyhow, not all of it—for including a song "Barrack the Magic Negro," if you remember that. Now it turns out that on the CD is another ditty "The Star Spanglish Banner," "Jose, can you see...". Jesus. Salsman, the candidate admits that the Obama song may not be in good taste; taste, you see, being something inconsequential as opposed to racist which no good Republican would ever be, no. Huh-uh.

So, making fun of the elected president's skin color is, oh, you know, like the difference between ranch dip and fry sauce. Nothing implied.

However...sticking another song on there making fun of hispanic-latinos is, oh, hell, you like catsup with your fries or salsa? that's all. Nothing implied. Purely...circumstantial. Accidental. Lie, you know, finding a trout in a glass of milk: no, no, doesn't mean the milk's been watered down. Not at all.

What a crock of shit!

Not only has the Republican Party been over-run and captured by religious fanatics, it's also been over-run by barely covert racists. At least, thirty or forty years ago, they were quiet about how they felt toward people with different colored skin. No more. Maybe, though, it's for the best: at least it's out there like an open fly. And they're exposed their dick-dom, that's certain.

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